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Coaches Corner

How to Run a Practice

OBA is pleased to offer an expanded training program to teach Managers and Coaches how to increase the effectiveness of their practices and to help them improve their coaching techniques. has some great instructional videos

Videos that every coach should watch

Helpful baseball videos abound here

How to Throw a Baseball here

How to deal with possible concussions here 

Video guides for Coaches on how to manage your team pages

These videos are very helpful in showing you how to manage your team page:

Check them out here.

Resources for Coaches

Positive Coaching Alliance is a non-profit created in 1998 at Stanford University. PCA believes the realm of youth athletics presents a tremendous opportunity for athletes to develop life skills that will serve them well beyond the playing field. Thus, providing a positive and favorable playing environment should be the goal of every youth sports organization leader, coach and parent.

Information about Equipment



Equipment is about safety and safety is the most important thing to remember.  Every piece of equipment has been inspected for damage, excessive wear, and missing parts. It is the responsibility of every manager and coach to make sure the equipment remains in good order. 
Improper fitting equipment can impair performance and may be unsafe.   Do not use any piece of equipment that you believe is not 100% safe.  Report all problems – defective equipment will either be fixed or replaced as soon as possible.  If you need additional equipment, different sizes or have special needs, contact the OBA Equipment Manager


Each player must wear a helmet when batting.  OBA provides helmets, but players are encouraged to purchase their own.  Molded rubber baseball cleats are required for Pinto and Mustang players.  Bronco and Pony players may wear metal cleats.  It is recommended that all players wear mouth guards, athletic supporters, sliding pants and genital cups. 
All catchers must wear helmets, chest protectors, shin pads and a genital cup.  Parents wishing additional safety equipment should purchase it or contact their Manager, who will work with the OBA Equipment Manager to locate the equipment, if appropriate.

Batting helmets

Batting helmets are inconsistently sized, e.g., “Small” can be either 6-5/8-6 - 3/4 or 6-7/8-7, so do not rely on the label -- please try the helmet on the player.  Batting helmets with face cages are available on request.  They can restrict eyesight, so each player should determine if they would like to use one.  If an OBA issued helmet is cracked or the padding is torn or detached, request a replacement. 


Please consult the OPERATIONS tab on the home page, then click on BAT GUIDANCE for information regarding bat guidelines for the 2012 Spring season.

Catcher’s gear 

Bronco & Mustang:     Each team receives one hockey-style helmet face, one chest guard, one set of shin guards and one catcher’s mitt.  
Pinto:   Each team is provided with one regular style helmet face mask, one chest guard and one set of shin guards.  Catcher’s mitts are not provided because they tend to be unwieldy for smaller hands and arms – players should use their own
Sizes & Fit:  Make sure the catcher’s mask remains securely affixed to the helmet with the screws tight & secure. 
Chest Protectors are measured from the bottom of the neck to the bottom of the crouch flap.  The crouch flap should extend below the crouch area to protect genitals.   
Shin Guards are measured from the top of the knee cup (excluding any extra pieces after the knee cup) to the highest part of the foot arch at the bottom of the shin piece. 


Game balls are the highest quality Pony baseballs and are approved for both league and tournament play; they generally carry a name brand like “McGregor” or “Pony”.    Practice balls are generally “Teamup” brand balls.  
Bronco:          Each team receives 3 dozen practice balls & 4 dozen Pony balls
Mustang:       Each team receives 3 dozen practice balls & 2 dozen Pony balls 
Pinto:              Each team receives 3 dozen practice balls & 2 dozen Pony balls 
If you need additional baseballs during the season, contact the OBA Equipment Manager  

Additional equipment is available

Teams may request pop-up back-stops for pitching and hitting practice, baseball T’s, and hitting sticks.  This equipment must be returned at the end of the season.

Return ALL equipment at the end of the season!

All equipment and bags must be returned to the OBA Equipment Manager.  Do not leave equipment and bags in the sheds at the fields.  Although Managers are generally not liable for non-returned equipment, please remember that the equipment is expensive and it is needed for future play.  Older equipment is donated to the Giants baseball equipment program for others to repair and use.

·       If you need different sizes, replacement equipment, or have a special equipment request, contact the OBA Equipment Manager (make a link to BOD page)
·      ALL equipment must be returned to the OBA Equipment Manager at the end of the season. 


Uniform Information for for Managers and Parents

Managers will be receiving the items listed below:

One Set- The number of jerseys in a set varies, but all have at least 13. All OBA teams will use OBA-supplied team jerseys which are property of OBA.  They shall not be altered or damaged in any way.   A $75 replacement fee will be charged for any altered or lost jerseys.   Hats will be given to each player, manager and coach.  Replacement hats are available for sale at the Snack Shack or from the Uniform Manager.  All players must purchase the following:  white baseball pants, baseball socks and belts (Uniform Director will assign color for these accessories)

15 - Youth & Small/Medium & Large X-Large (depending on sizing from registration)
3 - Large/X-large (Manager & Coaches)

Pants, t-Shirts, socks, belts
Your team manager will provide guidance on what color Belt, Socks, underjersey to purchase.

1 - Scorebook

Line-up Cards
1 - Packet

  • Players can keep the hat, but must return the jersey. The jerseys are NOT TO BE ALTERED IN ANY Way!!
  • At the end of the season, Managers will collect ALL uniform jerseys from their players. 
  • Uniform Cleaning costs will be paid by OBA.
  • Any unreturned or damaged jerseys are the responsibility of the Manager and Parent. If a player loses or damages the jersey, the parent(s) must pay the replacement cost of $75.00, payable to OBA. This should be collected by the manager as soon as possible.
  • Parents, if there is a problem with the size of your child's hat, inform YOUR team's uniform coordinator or Manager. KEEP the tags on! OBA has ordered extra hats so exchanges should not be a problem. However, the original tag must be attached to the hat. Hats without their original tags attached cannot be exchanged.
  • If a player loses his/ her hat, have him/her wear a solid color hat (during a league game) until his/ her parent can purchase an additional hat from OBA. It is against OBA rules to wear a hat depicting a different Logo than that of OBA. Cost is $25.00 and can be purchased at the "Snack Shack" at the Wagner Ranch field. The Snack Shack is open during any Mustang or Bronco scheduled league game.