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OBA Development and Operations

Photo Credit: Emma Barr

Age & Level of Play

Shetland League (4 to 6 Years) Shetland (T-ball) introduces players to the basic fundamentals of baseball, especially teamwork and sportsmanship. Scores are not kept in Shetland. Shetland is NOT Offered in OBA

Pinto League (7 to 8 Years Old) 
Players are being taught a higher caliber of baseball. The kids play on a 60' diamond with 38' pitching distance. OBA employs the coach-pitch Pinto model

Mustang League (9 to 10 Years Old) 
This level of play is more competitive. The kids play on a 60' diamond with 46' pitching distance. In regular season play, leads, pick offs and balks are not played at the 9U level. Dropped third strikes rules are normally introduced after Spring Break. For all-star play, full baseball rules are employed with leads, pick offs, balks and drop third strikes being live are typically used in tournaments.

Bronco League (11 to 12 Years Old) 
These games are played more like professional ball. The kids play on a 70' diamond with 48' pitching distance. Pitchers are called for balks, players can steal home.

Pony League (13 to 14 Years Old) 
This level of play is prepatory for high school baseball. 13U Pony plays on a 80' diamond with 54' pitching distance. 14U Pony plays on a 90' diamond with 60'-6" pitching distance. This is a MLB size field, and Major League Baseball rules apply at this level.

Colt Palomino League (15 to 18 Years Old - With Allowance for Two 19 Year Olds) Colt Palomino plays on a professional size diamond. Colt is NOT Offered in OBA