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About OBA


OBA was founded in 1984 to develop and support an outstanding baseball program for the dedicated and prospectively talented youth baseball players in Orinda. In order to achieve this vision, OBA will continue to:

  1. Develop players and managers/coaches through excellent instruction, sportsmanship and healthy competition;
  2. Support and encourage personal growth of players in a fun, competitive environment;
  3. Emphasize that winning is a byproduct, not the sole goal;
  4. Engage and educate parents to understand and reinforce the above; and
  5. Focus on quality in all endeavors (fields, clinics, equipment, umpires, etc.)


The mission of the Orinda Baseball Association is to make available within the community of Orinda an effectively governed and implemented youth baseball program in which the dedicated and propsectively talented youth baseball player can obtain a positive, competitive and rewarding developmental and participatory experience in the game of baseball.

The purpose of the mission statement of the Orinda Baseball Association (referred to hereafter as "OBA" or "the Association") is to articulate concisely the philosophical foundation on which the Association is based. The OBA mission statement is intended ultimately to govern all aspects of the Association, including the conduct of those whose actions may affect it. The following Principles and Guidelines are derived directly from the language of OBA's mission statement and are intended to assist in understanding and applying it.

Manager and Team Guidelines

OBA Uniforms: All OBA teams will use OBA-supplied team jerseys which are property of OBA. They shall not be altered or damaged in any way. At the end of the regular season, all jerseys will be collected by manager. A $65 replacement fee will be charged for any altered or lost jerseys. Hats will be given to each player, manager and coach. Replacement hats are available for sale at the Snack Shack or from the Uniform Manager. Hats may be exchanged ONLY if tags are still attached. All players must purchase the following: white baseball pants, baseball socks and belts (Uniform Director will assign color for these accessories)

Tournament and All-star teams: All tournament and all-star teams will use OBA-supplied Tournament Team jerseys which are property of OBA and shall not be altered or damaged in any way. A $65 replacement fee will be charged for any altered or lost jerseys. Tournament team hats will be provided by OBA and will be given to each player, manager and coach. Teams are NOT to purchase ANY additional "tournament team" apparel or ask parents to purchase any extra apparel for tournaments (special t-shirts, jackets etc...)

All-Star Selection: At the Pinto and Mustang level only Orinda players can be selected for these teams. Our goal is to give Orinda players the chance to become the best players they can be, and to groom them for higher levels of play. Players should be selected by their availability for the tournament season, ability, and experience. It must be communicated to parents and players at every level (by the Manager and Commissioner) that 100% time commitment is mandatory. Any player regardless of skill level shall not be eligible for all-star team selection if he cannot commit to play for the entire tournament season. Sometimes the tournament play is over very quickly, but sometimes it can last for many weeks. Also, all parents and players need to realize that these are All-Star teams and that they are sent to win these tournaments so equal playing time is not always seen. Certainly, a coach should be considerate of all the players and try to find playing time for everyone. Families need to understand, however, that an individual's talent is often seen different ways by different people. The Manager has the final word. The Commissioners need to keep that in mind when selecting a manager because it will be a direct reflection on OBA. The Commissioner will have the responsibility of selecting the Manager with the board having final approval. The Commissioner will also have the responsibility of deciding the number of teams to field which may differ from the Memorial Day tournament teams to the Pony sanctioned all-star teams. Tournament teams may be selected anytime after May 1st.

Team Spirit: Team spirit is a great thing as long as we remember that it is to boost your team up, not deliberately try to antagonize the opposing team. Yelling, screaming, climbing on the fence, pounding on the benches to try to shake up a pitcher is NOT ALLOWED. Cheering or yelling during the pitcher's wind-up is not allowed. Players in the outfield may not yell at batters from the opposing team. We often go to outside tournaments where we see this kind of behavior from the other teams. They may allow that, but OBA does not. If a team would like to have music during the game it must be mutually agreed on by both Managers and played outside the dugout.

Code of Conduct

OBA Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Policy for Players, Managers, Coaches, and Parents of Players 

In its vision statement, the Orinda Baseball Association (OBA) states its first goal is to “develop players, managers and coaches through excellent instruction, sportsmanship and healthy competition.” It further seeks to “engage and educate parents to understand and reinforce the above.” The behavior of players, managers, coaches or parents should enhance, not detract, from the children’s enjoyment of the sport. 

Behavior Guidelines

Acceptable behavior includes:

  • Being a role model for all participants and fans to follow, exemplifying the highest moral and ethical behavior;
  • Respecting the judgment of officials and abiding by the rules of the game;
  • Treating opposing managers, coaches, players and fans with respect;
  • Teaching and practicing good sportsmanship.

Unacceptable behavior includes:

  • Using abusive language;
  • Physically or verbally abusing another person;
  • Physically or verbally abusing an umpire or official;
  • Intentionally endangering another.

OBA adopts the PONY Baseball suggested discipline policy contained in the PONY Baseball Rules and Regulations. Players, managers, coaches, parents of players, OBA Board members and umpires agree to be bound by the PONY Baseball General Conduct Rule 19, as follows: 

  “Players or adult volunteers who engage in unsportsmanlike conduct, such as fighting, abusive language or similarly derogatory activity, may be suspended for one or more games, or may be subject to some other appropriate form of penalty.” 

Investigation Procedure

The appropriate OBA division commissioner (or if unavailable, the OBA Board President) shall first be notified of any possible violation. Upon notification the commissioner shall immediately conduct a reasonable investigation. A reasonable investigation means that the commissioner should make every reasonable effort to learn about both sides of the controversy and whenever possible, interview independent witnesses. Each division commissioner has the authority to issue verbal warnings and admonishments. The division commissioner shall, in all instances, report his or her findings to the Disciplinary Committee.


The OBA Board of Directors shall appoint a standing sub-committee (“Disciplinary Committee”) responsible for investigating violations and enforcing the league’s Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Policy. This Committee shall have the authority to issue a reprimand or suspend, any player, manager, coach, parent of a player, umpire, or other person whose conduct is in violation of the Rules and Regulations of PONY Baseball and/or is considered detrimental to the best interests of OBA.

The Disciplinary Committee shall report to the OBA Board of Directors all incidents of misconduct, including those incidents, which may warrant dismissal or being barred (as discussed below). Only the OBA Board of Directors, by majority vote, has the authority to dismiss or bar an individual.


(1)      Reprimand.   The offending person is to be advised, in writing, of the offense and advised that further misconduct will result in a more severe penalty.

(2)      Suspension. The offending person is to be advised in writing that he or she has been suspended from all OBA activity for a specific number of games or days.

(3)      Dismissal.      The offending person is to be advised in writing that he or she has been dismissed from OBA for the remainder of the current year.

(4)      Barred.          The offending person is to be advised in writing that he or she has been barred from present and future participation in OBA, permanently or for a specific number of years.

The OBA Board of Directors shall have the sole and exclusive authority to dismiss or bar an individual from participation in OBA. The Board’s decision shall be final.

Violation of team rules (Players only)

OBA further enacts the following policy concerning violation of team rules and player discipline:

OBA exists for the benefit of the children of Orinda and this should not be overlooked in any disciplinary matter. Whenever it is reasonably possible, the benefit of the doubt should be resolved in favor of the child.

However, the manager is primarily responsible for his/her team. Consistent with the rules of Pony Baseball, the OBA and the manager’s own team rules, the manager has the authority to bench a player for all or part of a game on the day of the game. If the player or parent feels that the manager’s decision is unreasonable, the manager must first be consulted. This consultation cannot occur until after the game is completed. If the player or parent cannot resolve the controversy directly with the manager, he or she must then consult with the division commissioner who will review the action and make a final decision, which may not appealed.

Ejection Policy

Beginning May 1, 2005, the following policy applies to players, coaches and/or
parents, who are ejected from a game.

First Ejection
Manager / Coach / Parent 2 game immediate suspension
Bronco, Pony, Colt player 1 game immediate suspension
Pinto, Mustang player Coach / Commissioner meeting with parents

Second Ejection
Manager / Coach / Parent Suspended for remainder of season, and next season
Bronco, Pony, Colt player 2 game immediate suspension
Pinto, Mustang player 1 game immediate suspension

Third Ejection
Bronco, Pony, Colt player Suspended for remainder of season
Pinto, Mustang player Suspended for remainder of season

Appeals Process
You may seek review of the actual situation and penalty. Appeal will be reviewed by a majority of the Commissioners and President of OBA. Contact your Division’s Commissioner to schedule.

Conduct for first and second ejection.  

Unless instructed to leave the field, the player shall remain and support his / her team. For the suspended game(s), the player shall suit up and remain on the bench for the game. The umpire and opposing coach shall be informed. This policy shall be communicated by the Manager or Commissioner of the player the night of the offending game and, as appropriate, Manager and/or Commissioner should have a meeting with player and parents.

Contact OBA

Orinda Baseball Association (OBA)
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